Charming Beautiful Bohemian Vintage Brown Carry Bag

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Charming Beautiful Bohemian Vintage Brown Carry Bag
Ethnic. Classy. Supreme. Presenting the fascinating boho handbag which is absolutely eco-friendly and is made of premium quality materials. The vivacious colors and the classic motifs of the handbag make this accessory a prized possession. You can adorn your boho chic look with this elegant handbag and certainly appreciation will flow towards you. These stylish handbags are quite trendy and very convenient to carry as well. With the onset of these swanky handbags, the flavour of Bohemianism simply got redefined. So get on with your boho chic look along with these boho handbags!

Material: Faux Leather
Colour : Brown
Size : Height- 25cm Length- 30cms Width 10cm approx
Strap Lentgh: 55ccm Approx