Wholesale Direct Program

Introducing our exclusive Wholesale direct made-to-order program tailored for independent retailers, shops, affiliates and resellers! This initiative offers a substantial discount on our products, providing a cost-effective solution without the need for inventory or significant investment. Participants only need to acquire a kit containing 5 or 10 pieces at the start, which serves as a quality showcase and customer demonstration set. Orders placed with resellers are directly fulfilled by us, ensuring a seamless process from production to customer delivery. With a wide variety of prints and styles, we offer extensive customisation options.


Adore India Wholesale Direct Program

Retailer Showcase: Retailers display the sample kit to customers.

Customer Selection: Customers select products based on the displayed samples.

Order Processing: Retailers place the order with us.

Direct Fulfilment: We manufacture and ship the product directly to the customer.

Benefits of the Wholesale Direct Made-to-Order Program for Resellers:

Cost-Effective: Enjoy a discount on products, maximising your profit margins without the need for a large inventory.

Zero Inventory Risk: No need to stock up or manage inventory, reducing your financial risk and storage requirements.

Product Variety: Access to a wide range of prints and styles, allowing you to meet diverse customer preferences.

Direct Fulfilment: We handle production and shipping directly to your customers, ensuring a seamless process.

Quality Assurance: With the sample kits, you can assure customers of the product quality firsthand.


Joining the Program:

Application: Fill out an application form on the bottom of this page to express your interest in the program.

Approval: We review your application to ensure alignment with our program criteria and goals.

On Boarding: Once approved, you receive an on-boarding package ( If you choose with sample kit) and detailed program guidelines.

Training: Access to training materials and support to help you effectively market and sell the products.

Launch: Start showcasing the products and taking orders to kickstart your sales journey with our program.



What are the benefits of becoming a reseller with your company?

As a reseller, you'll benefit from competitive wholesale pricing, giving you a  margin on our products. There's no need to hold inventory, reducing your financial risk and storage needs. You'll have access to a wide range of products and exclusive designs to meet your customers' diverse preferences.

How can I join your reseller program?

To join, simply fill out the application form on our website. Once submitted, we'll review your information and get in touch to discuss the next steps, including the terms of our partnership and how to start selling.

Is there a minimum order quantity for resellers?

No, we have no minimum order quantity. However we prefer you to buy a sample pack of 5 pieces of mix designs so that your customers can touch, feel and confident about the quality. 

How does this program work?

Once you make a sale, place the order with us, and we'll handle the rest. We manufacture the product and ship it directly to your customer making the process seamless and efficient.

Can I get samples of your products?

Absolutely! We provide a sample kit, which includes a selection of our products, so you can evaluate the quality and showcase them to your customers. However if you want to buy only 1 piece to see, place an order on our website and you still will get discounted price.

What support do you offer to resellers?

We provide comprehensive support, including marketing materials, E-catalogue product training, and sales strategies. Our dedicated team is also available to assist with any queries or issues you may encounter.

How do I manage orders and inventory?

Through our account, you can place orders, and manage customer shipments, all in one convenient location. We always have enough stock of fabric to make sure your order is fulfilled always.

Can I join the program without a sample kit?

Yes you can but we highly recommend having a sample kit to better showcase the product quality to your customers, it's not mandatory to start as a reseller. However, having one could significantly enhance your selling potential and customer trust.

Who is the program for?

Our reseller program is designed for independent retailers, online store owners, Market Stall Sellers, Ladies Party Club, and anyone interested in selling quality home textiles without the need to maintain large inventories. It's perfect for those looking to expand their product offerings with minimal investment.

Can I sell online?

Yes, absolutely! You are encouraged to sell through online channels. Our model supports online sales, allowing you to list our products on your website or online marketplace.

Who handles the returns?

We take responsibility for product returns due to manufacturing defects or shipping damage. For customer change-of-mind returns, we do not accept returns and refunds due to made to order nature.

What if my customer has a quality issue or receives a defective item?

We stand by the quality of our products. If a customer encounters a quality issue or receives a defective item, we will replace it at no additional cost, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust in our brand.

How long does it take to make the item?

Production times can vary depending on the product and order volume. Typically, it takes between 5-7 days to manufacture a custom item. 

How long does delivery take?

Delivery times depend on the destination and shipping method. Generally, it takes between 3-10 business days depending upon the location after dispatching.

What if there's a change of mind?

We understand that customers may change their minds. If the item is still in sellable condition, we will discuss the return process on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the reseller's and customer's needs

Do you ship international orders ?

Yes we do send item overseas. We make and ship worldwide. 

What products are eligible for this program ?

Currently we are offering Quilt Cover Sets, Tapestries, Curtains, Bedsheet Sets, Quilt Sets, Cushion Covers, Throws, Scarfs, Clothing etc and more to be added.

 I have my own designs. Can you help me in making products?

Yes absolutely ! If you are an artist or retailer and have your own designs and pattern or colour theme, we can help you in making products with low minimum order qty of 10pcs.