Collection: Vintage Kantha Quilts

Vintage Kantha Quilts

Let your lifestyle reflect pure traditionalism with surreal vintage kantha quilts which are exclusively found in the house of Adore India. The magnificent designs and hand block prints have been meticulously devised and handcrafted by experienced artisans who hold up the Indian customs and beliefs through these vintage kantha quilts. These Indian handmade quilts have spectacular designs with fresh color combination and superior quality fabric. The pure cotton ensures of a soft and comfortable experience with the vintage kantha quilts. The designs on these Indian handmade quilts are unique from each other and gives a wonderful look to your room.

Kantha quilt is made with traditional way of joining few layers of old recycle vintage fabric called " Sarees" in India with numerous hand stitches known as "Kantha". 

Kantha is the ancient Indian art of stitching work – Kantha means “simple numerous running stitch”. Beautiful traditional screen printing and 100% hand stitched make this quilt an antique and extraordinary item. Few layers of fabric are sewn together with Kantha stitches, representing the unity of the quilt, and a piece of art is created. Buy Kantha quilt throws online in Australia at our Adore India Store at competitive price.

Vintage Kanthas has variety of uses. These can be used as

•Wall Hanging
•Wall Frame Picture
•Table Cover
•Furniture Upholstery