Indian Handmade Vintage Reversible Kantha Quilt Bedspread Alka

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Indian Handmade Vintage Reversible Kantha Quilt Bedspread Alka

If you want to add a luxurious touch to your home, then these splendid kantha quilts are the ideal accessories. The rich balance of vivacious colors and handmade prints on these vintage kantha quilts spark up the surroundings of the room and brightens up neutral texture of the rooms. The hand block prints are elegant and attractive, while the pure cottony material lends a soft and soothing touch to the kantha quilts. The fabric is of high-quality which is not only tenacious but long-lasting as well. So, add some style and oodles of elegance to your home with these kantha quilts.

Kantha is the ancient Indian art of embroidery – Kantha means “simple running stitch”. The work that has gone into hand stitching every single thread that has gone into making jus one piece.

 Beautiful traditional screen printing and 100% hand stitched make this quilt an antique extraordinary item. Two fabric are sewn together with Kantha stitches, representing the unity of the couple, and a piece of art is created. It can take one month to make such an item These Kantha Quilts don’t have to just be used on a bed; they can be used in your lounge as throw, a wall hanging or draped over your lap as you read a book.

 Size: 140x 215cm approx


Some of the Features of this product:

All our Kantha are of high quality, washed, sun dried and ready to use. As this is handmade product, minor defect/imperfections are acceptable and considered to be as is. Colour/print shown in above picture could be slightly different from the original and also depend on the computer screen resolution and settings. Don't miss out on this perfect opportunity to add ethnic and cultural authenticity to your home at a price you can't find anywhere!!!